Queensbury & Saratoga Springs Party Rentals

Queensbury & Saratoga Springs Party Rentals

Inflatable fun is always a hit at any party or event. But it is also important that everyone follows the safety rules listed below. Following safety rules below will allow everyone to have a fun enjoyable time.

1) All jumpers or participants must remove shoes, jewelry, badges, eyeglasses, and any other sharp objects before entering the inflatable.

2) There is ABSOLUTELY NO - confetti, gum, food, drinks, sprays, or any other sticky substances allowed in the inflatable.

3) No smoking on or around the inflatable unit.

4) To avoid serious back or neck injuries - no wrestling, flipping, colliding, fighting, or sleeping in the inflatable unit.

5) DO NOT bounce against the sides or near the doorway of the inflatable. Failure to do so can result in serious injury.

6) No more than the recommended number of players on/or in unit at any one time

7) No hanging from the netting on the sides or from the roof of the inflatable. A repair fee will be added to the bill if there is damage to the sides or roof.

8) Keep children away from the blower unit - risk of electric shock and serious injury from moving parts of the blower.

9) No Pets, toys or sharp objects on the inflatable at anytime

10) No bouncing on front safety step

11) Slide Feet First on Slides

12) Do not enter if you are pregnant

13) An adult MUST be present at all times while the inflatable is use.

14) No Adults & Children bouncing at the same time