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20' Blue Dolphin

20' Blue Dolphin

    • Actual Size: 30'0"L x 20'0"W x 20'0"H

    • Regular/All Day (10AM - 7PM)  $390.00
      Overnight  $468.00 
      Weekend Special (Sat. 10AM - Sun. 7PM) $585.00

    • $390.00
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This 20' Dolphin water slide will be the perfect addition to your next outdoor party or event. Perfect way for your guest to cool off and refresh during the hot summer. Guaranteed to satisfy people young and old. Your guest won't miss this eye-catching blue color scheme.



- Flat surface for installation

- If set up in fenced in area must have 4' wide entryway

- Set up must be within 80' of GFI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlet